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Nov 43

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During the overseas movement of the air echelon, one crew was lost.  Crew 66, flown by 2nd Lt Albert A Poor of the 703rd Bomb Squadron, ditched in the Carribean and there were no survivors among the crew of 10 and their 4 passengers.  The plane went down approximately 100 miles South of St. Croix, in the Virgin Islands.  As there were no survivors, the cause of the crash will never be known, but a member of another crew of the 703rd making the same transit remembers hearing a desperate call indicating they were having fuel transfer problems.

A subsequent search of the area shortly after the ditching found a few pieces of wreckage, a partially inflated life raft, and a parachute.  The seas were 4 to 6 foot waves which would have made the ditching even more difficult.  Multiple aircraft were dispatched but no sign was ever found beyond the initial wreckage.



Tail Number

Acft Name






Sunflower Sue

Poor, Albert A

Unable to transfer fuel; DIT near Virgin Is.

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